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On-site Training

FANUC Robotics America offers both Product classes and System classes at customer sites. This provides the following advantages:

  • Savings in Travel
  • Dedicated customized classes

When training is to be conducted at a customer facility, we strive to ensure that the environment provided is safe and conducive to learning. However, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure compliance with all statutes relating to workplace safety.

We know you also will want to ensure optimal results and safety, and we have detailed below some of the key aspects necessary for a successful program at your facility. If you have questions on these or any additional areas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The quantity of robots and equipment needed for training will be established prior to training, (and can be specified separately in the body of the quotation). These units will be dedicated to training for the duration of the course and will be located away from the production area.

Development charges:

Execution of on-site training programs may involve development charges. Please review the training brochure on this web site or the specific course description to determine if these charges are applicable to your on-site selection.

NOTE: The customer assumes responsibility for any damage to robots caused by students during on-site training.

  • FANUC Robotics America recommends a maximum ratio of four students to one robot.
  • For systems training, FANUC Robotics America requires dedicated use of a full operating system for hands-on training.
  • Suitable power supplies, that is, 440 VAC 3 phase and 110 VAC, and pneumatic equipment must be available for proper operation of the robot(s), end-effectors, and test equipment.
  • Audio/visual equipment, in proper working order, must be located in the designated training location and available to the FANUC Robotics America instructor. This will include:
    • Overhead projector and projection screen
    • Video player and monitor, 1/2 inch VHS (as required)
    • Chalkboard and cleaning materials
  • The FANUC Robotics America instructor will be provided with access to a telephone and copy machine.
  • A convenient, secure area will be made available for storage of FANUC Robotics equipment, documentation, and supplies during the training period.
  • A safe environment will be provided for the FANUC Robotics America instructor and students at all times.
  • FANUC Robotics America Training Management reserves the right to monitor the classroom and equipment to ensure that on-site training standards are being implemented.

To inquire about our training classes, please call (800) iQ-ROBOT or send e-mail to our training registrar.

We reserve the right to cancel or modify classes at any time.